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Millennial Economics: An American Declaration of Independence from Central Banking—A Global Transition to Debt-Free National Economies

  • How did We the People get into an economic mess like this to begin with?
  • How did we end up with a $16 trillion national debt that paralyzes all initiatives, makes us a laughingstock instead of a world leader, and stands to enslave our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren with horrendous debts?
  • What can we do to diffuse what US Senator Tom Coburn calls “The Debt Bomb”?
  • Is there a constitutional, holistic, and efficient way out of this mess?


Answers can be found in Millennial Economics.


“The elegant writing and incisive explanations found in this volume conquer the complexity of the topic and its mixture of rhapsodic prose and an almost eerie moral clarity project buoyancy and hope. The majority of laws in the Five Books of Moses concern money and this important volume while reflecting the spontaneous surgings of the human spirit, helps us understand why.”

—Rabbi Daniel Lapin, American Alliance of Jews and Christians